Welcome to Aeternity Studios! Here you will find the professional quality sound you're looking for without paying over budget. Today's music industry
is in a state of revolution; professional quality recording is easier and inexpensive as ever! So why are local studios continuing to charge as if they were catering to Journey and AC/DC?

 You're not a rock-star (yet!), and here at Aeternity Studios, we understand that. It seems like a catch-22. You need lots of money to record professional quality music. But you need to sell your music to raise the money you need to record it, and people won't pay for garage-band quality demos.


 What gives? We're here to break that cycle! Our team has years of experience and we're here to offer the experience, the gear, and the time to make your band sound like the legends, all at a price you can afford! You're not Metallica yet, so why should you have to record on Metallica's budget?